We offer a full range of scheduled servicing and maintenance on all BMW and MINI cars including the original format Oil & Inspection through to the current system of Condition Based Servicing.

We use only genuine BMW diagnostics equipment and parts to work on your vehicle and all our work carries a 3 month labour and 12 month parts warranty. Everything we do complies with the terms of BMW and MINI’s warranties on new cars.

We carry out all servicing in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines and are able to cover all aspects of your vehicle’s servicing requirements including:

    • on board electronics and computer systems
    • electronic engine management
    • fuel systems
    • braking and ABS and stability control systems
    • electronics such as central locking, electric windows, climate control and sat nav
    • airbags and multi restraint systems including seat belt and seat sensors
  • anti theft measures to prevent your car being stolen using the blank key attack

All our work carries a 3 months labour and 12 months parts warranty.


In addition to any regular scheduled maintenance your car may require we have extensive experience in repairing faults with BMWs and MINIs.

In our fully equipped workshop we are able to quickly identify and resolve any problems you may have with your vehicle by drawing on our previous experience and using genuine BMW diagnostic tools and computers.

We are familiar with the common faults across the BMW and MINI range and able to use this knowledge to provide you with an efficient and effective service to get your car back on the road with a minimum of fuss and uncertainty.

The services listed below are just some of the work we carry out regularly for our customers:

    • replace clutch and flywheels
    • replace gearbox
    • replace bushes and or suspension dampers
  • replace injectors and turbochargers on diesel engines

All our work carries a 3 months labour and 12 months parts warranty.


As you may be aware there have been a number of thefts of high value BMW cars recently that have taken place without the keys being stolen. You can read more about this problem on the BBC News website.

BMW have a fix for the problem provided you own an X5 or an X6. There are no solutions available from BMW for other models at this point in time.

At Technosport however we don’t think waiting for your car to be stolen without its keys is an acceptable answer and we do have a solution. We can modify your ODB port (this is used by thieves to program a blank key) such that a special key cable is required to interface with your car. These cables are each unique to your car. Requiring the use of this key cable provides an additional layer of security against theft using this increasingly popular means of attack.

If you’re worried about your car, get in touch with us today to discuss a real solution.

All our work carries a 3 months labour and 12 months parts warranty.


Our standard labour rate is £85 per hour plus V.A.T.

For other tasks we can charge a slightly higher layout rate but this will be discussed with you if appropriate

Due the fluctuating costs of parts and the varying requirements of each individual car, we don’t provide fixed prices for servicing on our website. However, please call us for our latest Oil, Inspection I and Inspection II service prices.

We can provide estimates for specific maintenance, diagnostic or tuning work once your vehicle has been inspected in our fully equipped workshop.

We accept all major credit cards, bankers drafts, cash and cheques.


See just some of what goes on here at Technosport, from regular servicing to specialist work including fault finding.


If anyone can solve your BMW related problem it’s George at Technosport, send him a direct email below
Tel: 020 8450 0309, Mob: 07949 638 166



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We are conveniently located in North West London, at the bottom of the M1 and close to the A406 and A5.

Buses are available from Brent Cross shopping centre which is a short walk away, the nearest London Underground tube station is Brent Cross (Northern Line) and the nearest train stations are Hendon and Cricklewood.