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M3 Cup

It’s official. Technosport will be running four (yes four!) cars in the 2017 M3 Cup Championship. We’ll be applying our previous racing experience in building the new E46 M3 Cup cars and you can follow the build process right here.

As you’ll see from the pictures of the chassis, we’re not cutting any corners.

We have designed, and will be constructing, our cars from a BMW supplied bodyshell upwards. All components have been carefully hand selected by us based on previous motorsport experience with our E46 M3 GTR and E92 race cars. The list below is just some of what we’ll be including in our M3 Cup cars

Each car will be built to an incredibly high standard to ensure the driver has the best possible car on the grid within regulation.

Fancy a seat in the championship in a brand new M3 Cup car? Get in touch and let us know.